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Hey Visitor (who probably stumbled in here by mistake),

My name is Jesil. I am a 23-year-old engineering graduate with dreams of conquering the skies and a will that outshines Green Lantern himself. I’m a movie buff, a geek, a binge-watcher since before that term became wildly popular and bookworm.

I am starting this blog to quench my lifelong desire to write stuff that people would enjoy reading. I have tried my hand at writing many times before but I could never get myself to write anything as good as the books that I so admire.

After a while at writing stuff that only ended up in the recycle bin, I realized that I was sitting on my biggest and best stories already. My life. I have been a crazy dreamer all my life doing things that I thought was cool. (In hindsight, they actually weren’t cool at all). My stupidity and mistakes alone could fill libraries up. So I have decided to tap that untouched source of stories.

I took a slight hiatus from all my crazy hobbies and dreams after high school because I had to get into a more rat-race mindset in my college days. But now I’m free of the shackles that bound my crazy imagination and I’m going to try my hand at writing once again among other things. I have started following my instincts and dreams again. I quit my well-paying job and started my own company. The first step of sorts to achieving my lifelong dreams and goals.

This blog will have everything in it. My past, my present, my future. I will write about anything and everything that’s on my mind. My viewpoints on general topics and my take on life itself. You may agree with some of it. You might disagree on most of it. Feel free to do so. As a former manager of mine once posted on WhatsApp, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death; your right to say it.”

I am not a writer as of yet, so the way I write stuff might seem disconnected or random like the thoughts that go on in the mind of an individual. Please excuse the random nature of the future posts as well as the disconnected way things might seem. I am hoping that a long time in the future, people are able to get a more connected idea when they read it all together. Because let’s face it, its the internet. Anything that’s put up here stays here forever.

I hope you find at least a little bit of inspiration and /or comfort reading the stuff I write. If you do, let me know.

I’ve never written anything like this, especially something this long before so I have no idea how to end this. I’m just gonna say this:

Live long and prosper.

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By Jesil Jose
Jesil's Notes a human's blog on life and everything in it

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