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#P2 Second Thoughts


Greetings fellow earthling,

Assuming that you have read the previous posts, you’ll know that I have only just recently started writing and that I am figuring out how to exactly go about it. So, as part of that figuring-out process, I have decided (like any other sane person) to number my posts for easy reference. The post numbering will come handy because I’m definitely bound to reuse the headings at least twice in the blog (because life is predictable sometimes).

So. Moving on to the post now.

“Second Thoughts”. After publishing this blog online, this is the first post I’m writing that is not a book review or an intro. I spent some time thinking of what the next post should be after publishing the blog. The initial reactions I got after publishing the blog swayed me a bit. I started this blog to voice out my thoughts, my ideas, and my dilemmas, but the euphoria from initial positive reactions got me thinking in the opposite direction. It had me thinking of what to write next that would please the audience.


My mind does this amazing thing sometimes where it jolts me back to the starting point of my thoughts whenever I stray too far. So, I decided to write the next post on the very next thoughts that went through my mind after publishing this blog: Second Thoughts.

Actually. It’s a phenomenon that everyone experiences all the time. Be it a task as simple as picking a packet of juice from a supermarket to deciding your future endeavors. We always wonder whether we made the right choice. Whether the other one was better. Whether this is the right choice for me right now.

And it’s at times like these that the famous poem by Robert Frost comes to mind. “The Road Not Taken”

So, what were the second thoughts that came to my mind when I hit the ‘Publish’ button? Well, here are the 4 main questions that were running through my head:

  1. Is this a good Idea?
  2. Who should I send the link to? Who would read it?
  3. Would anyone actually take the time out of their lives to read my rantings?
  4. Should I have gone anonymous?

And I did find the answers to most of it.

  1. Yes, it’s a great idea. I’ve always wanted to write, this could be the best way to kickstart it. I could get an idea of what people like to read and at the same time, get a platform to shout out stuff that I’ve bottled inside.
  2. At first, I didn’t want many people to read this. I have a little bit of stage-fright. But then I remembered something that I’ve always told myself during my crazy days. “You never know whether someone will like something unless they experience it.”
  3. I still don’t know the answer to 3. Maybe family and close friends.(?)
  4. Now question number 4 is the question that gave rise to this post. “Should I have gone anonymous?”

Going anonymous would have given me freedom unlike any. I would be able to write my heart out and not be afraid or anxious about what my family or friends would think of me after reading it. I could write about anything. Past crushes, proposals, rejections, depressions…….anything. Now thinking about this made me have the “second thoughts” phenomenon.

Some of my best moments in life came out of the so-called depressions or rejections. Then I realized, these family and friends have been with me through this all so why should I be ashamed or anxious to write about them? And so, I got some content for this post.

( Okay, so all the stuff written above after the orange colored paragraph is my mental thought train taking a deviation. Let’s get back to the post now. )

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. It’s one of my favorite poems. From the first time I read it, I have loved it. I used to hate poems until this one was introduced in our curriculum. It felt so relatable. I have always been someone who hated following a pack. I’m the kind of guy who’d be a OnePlus fan when no one’s heard of it but then switches to Nokia when everyone else has become OnePlus Fans.

Another fun fact about this poem, 2 girls that I liked (had a crush on) has both told me on separate occasions that they loved this poem too. The first time a girl told me that she loved the poem too, I was overjoyed. I thought I had found “the one”. But after hearing the second girl tell me the same thing, I’m thinking everyone who has heard this poem loves it too.

Who wouldn’t?

That poem (according to me) is addressed to all of us. Our mental decision compasses. I’ve felt that Frost wrote the poem to console us and to reassure us that our choices, no matter how crazy or outrageous they may seem, make life better. It’s true. We are different individuals. Our ability to think and our individuality is what makes us human. If we all did the same things, if everyone chose the same path, life would be meaningless. We all have to choose the road not taken. At least once in our lives. Because that will make all the difference. Your life is yours to live. Not for fulfilling other’s whims.

If any high schoolers are reading this, I know it’s your exam season right now and the pressure to choose your career path is getting higher every minute. Keep this in mind, when you make a choice, think about its consequences. Think about where those choices will lead you. Think about whether the choice will get you closer to your dreams and aspirations or whether it pushes you away from them.

In short, think about whether the choice makes you happy. And then decide.

“Second Thoughts” are our mind’s way of telling us that we are moving away from our comfort zones. Disregard it. Enjoy it. Because only when you step out of your comfort zones, do you actually achieve something. Take risks once in while, they are good for you. They will keep your mind sharp and your heart racing.

Taking the less traveled road once in a while is what keeps things interesting.

And so with that thought, I bid adieu.

As I said, the post is my own thoughts so they may make little or no sense at all. They may seem disconnected and downright confusing. Excuse me.

I’m happy to listen to what you have to say too. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I will definitely read them.

PS: If you guys are feeling bored, check out this youtube channel. They are not bad.

Also, I’m talking about second thoughts, not regrets. Don’t confuse between the 2.

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