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Books Read in 2019: #2


I love books. I absolutely adore them. Not for the conventional reasons people give like ‘they open a new world’ or cliches like ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’ but because of a phenomenon that I have been experiencing all my life. At any given point in my life so far, I have always been able to pick a book that was absolutely relatable or inspiring...

#SD1 Startup Journal begins


This is a post that has been in the pipelines for a long time. Since the very day that I decided to start something new actually. Starting something from scratch is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you have no clue on how to do it. I never had anyone close to me do something like this. All I had was the internet (and a lifetime’s worth of dreams). I did approach some founders...

#P2 Second Thoughts


Greetings fellow earthling, Assuming that you have read the previous posts, you’ll know that I have only just recently started writing and that I am figuring out how to exactly go about it. So, as part of that figuring-out process, I have decided (like any other sane person) to number my posts for easy reference. The post numbering will come handy because I’m definitely bound to reuse...

Books Read in 2019: #1


So, remember when I said that I will be posting anything and everything that’s on my mind? So here’s the back story behind this post. I have decided to read at least one book every month from this month on. And the first book I read as part of my War Campaign against ‘Very Long Screen Time’ is a little book called “Source Code – Book 1 The inhabitants of the...

#P1 What’s Happened so far…


Okay, so let’s begin with a recap of what all has happened so far. I was born on the 22nd of March 1996 in Saudi Arabia. A place I love for its weather, food, and malls. Not all malls. Just 2 in particular: Extra Stores and the great Jarir Bookstores. I finished my schooling there in probably the largest school in Asia (I’m not sure of the statistics): International Indian School...

Hello World


Hey Visitor (who probably stumbled in here by mistake), My name is Jesil. I am a 23-year-old engineering graduate with dreams of conquering the skies and a will that outshines Green Lantern himself. I’m a movie buff, a geek, a binge-watcher since before that term became wildly popular and bookworm. I am starting this blog to quench my lifelong desire to write stuff that people would enjoy...

Jesil's Notes a human's blog on life and everything in it

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