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#P8 Lessons learnt in 2019


2019 was a fun year. It was eventful for everyone in their own ways. Many people found their passions, many met their long-lost friends and family. Many found love, while many lost theirs. Many found fortune, while many lost theirs. Now some people will say its what happens every year and they are not wrong either.

For me, 2019 was a year filled with realizations and firsts. My company was founded in 2019. I started my blog in 2019. I sold my first piece of software in 2019.

Recently, I was contemplating everything that happened last year and something went off in my head. An idea.

Why not share the realizations I have had this year with others so that others don’t make the same mistakes I made, to come to attain the same realizations. And so I decided to dedicate my last blog post of 2019 to share the lessons I learnt in 2019 with you folks.

There is more than one, so here goes:

  1. To be more social (not social media, just social). To keep in touch. I learned how distant I had been from old friends (yes, I have friends). It was a year filled with deep realizations of past actions and regret followed by grief. I began rectifying that by reconnecting with the people in my life. Even found a long-lost friend whom I had been searching for years.
  2. To keep pushing forward no matter what. To not give up even after you’ve failed umpteen number of time. I realized the potential of what I had set out to build. I saw the prototype of my app actually work flawlessly (just for one demo) before breaking. And I have never felt so hopeful in my life.
  3. I remembered what I believed back when I was a dreamer (prior to college). To risk it all. That the reward I get is, was and will be exponentially greater than the risks I take.
  4. To not compare my life and situation to that of others, especially from what I see on social media.
  5. Oh, and that depression is a real thing. The feeling of being down and not knowing why or how or when you ended up in the empty place.

Each of these realizations came to me as I was going through some hurdles or the other in my life. These are just the ones I think as ‘generally applicable’. I am sure at least some of you have had at least one of these realisations yourself in 2019.

Now that you have spent so much time on this post, I’d ask you to spend a little bit more and read what follows. As Steve Jobs always said, there is ‘one more thing…’

On the last day of 2019, I put up a question in my social media profiles asking people to tell me what profound realizations they had in 2019 that they would like to share with others. And here they are:

“Don’t dwell on things. Be brave, accept, move on.”

Sebi John

“We spend so much time for people we love, ignoring those who love us”

Abdullah Mannah

“Good Things take Time to happen”


“The younger generations won’t have clean air to breath if this is how things go on”

Joziah Paul

“You are a complete circle yourself, You don’t need anyone else to complete you”

Jose Rohan

“Our parents are getting older”

Reshmi R

“Nothing lasts forever and spending time with oneself is pure bliss”


“Love with your heart, not with your brain”


And finally, I have one more as well and I think it is important enough to be the last one here so that it stays in your mind longer.

“No matter how comfortable and confident you feel about being a lone wolf, you always need people. To keep you sane, to keep you grounded, to help you move forward, and most importantly, to keep you alive.”

Jesil Jose

Have a great year, people. 2020 is your year.

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck and the strength to overcome anything that comes your way.

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