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Books Read in 2019: #4


Very rarely do I read a book that makes me contemplate on its contents for hours on end marveling at the mind of the author. Even rarer are the times when I actually read a book that isn't academic, with a highlighter at hand. This book explores mental health and the surrounding stigma in the most meaningful and neutral manner as possible from the history of psychology, to explaining the...

#P5 What are the topics that authors need to explore more in their books?


Henry Ward Beecher said, “Books are the windows through which the soul looks out”. I have always found that statement quite thought-provoking and curious. It always made me wonder as to what the soul does when we aren’t reading books. What is a soul anyway? This is not the first time anyone has heard this question. The funniest and the most common answer for this question, however, was given by...

#P4 How books have taken a back seat in today’s digital world?


I’ll be honest, this is a topic that I have always wanted to explore based on personal experiences and thoughts. I have been an avid reader and a bookworm for a long time. Since my first picture book in kindergarten probably and I have always loved them. That interest and love for the written word only grew as time passed. They kept me company when the real world was too much to handle and...

Books Read in 2019: #3


It's been a while since I wrote here. Been a hectic month. More posts explaining April are coming soon. Dead To ThemBy Smitha Bhattacharya This is a story about a group of friends who realize that a girl they know has gone missing. The story starts out slow and moves at the same pace throughout. It builds up the storyline in a very good manner though. It also does a good job of keeping the reader...

#SD2 And we have a name!


Yes, that’s right. We have a name. Finally! Its been sometime since the last post so I think there’s a bit of updating to be done. Since the last post in ‘Startup Diaries’ (#SD1), quite a bit has happened. I had to resubmit the incorporation application two more times. I lost a client who I thought would be our ticket out into the open world. And. I learned that getting...

#P3 ‘The’ skill that makes or breaks


I am a regular human being. A shorter, childish looking one but a regular human nonetheless. But I believe I am special. I believe I can make anyone do anything. Not through torture or anything crazy. By talking. Plain and simple talking. I have seen a lot of different types of people in my life so far. I have seen people who are good at a variety of things. I have seen smart engineers, very...

Jesil's Notes a human's blog on life and everything in it

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